Our top 8 “Getting ready” bridal shots

Our top 8 “Getting ready” bridal shots

by The Con Artists, January 16, 2016

For a bride, getting ready for her big day is very important, for it is the pinnacle of the preparations and all the hard work she has put in for months to get that perfect look for the most special moment. We have shot brides over years, and we can go on and on with the stories of enormity of the efforts these ladies put and great attention to details they give.

And for us, getting ready easily is something we really look forward to shoot. You know why? Well, that’s the only time where we get to witness a multitude of emotions. And, again that’s the only time where we get to bond with our brides really well. From anxiety to excitement, from apprehensions to joy – that twinkle in eye with fingers twitched with nervousness, as the make-up artist works on the brides to make them look their best – Great pictures are bound to happen!

Here we present our top 8 getting ready bridal shots.

Photo Credits www.RishiEkbote.com


RE_C&I _Recpt-1




Photo Credits www.RishiEkbote.com


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